But Until Then...

The thing is…Skye doesn’t think she’s snapped. But she also knows that Fitz isn’t the only one who’s seeing Jemma. She can’t bring herself to tell the others though; not if there’s the possibility that she does and that takes her Jemma away. None of this would actually be happening if only Jemma, the real Jemma, would just answer her calls…

Goodnight || Skimmons

Just a small one shot, 675 words. It was supposed to make me feel better after watching 2x01 but it just made me even more sad. What even is this show right now…


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i kinda really miss you // listen

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We don’t tag our posts that are about each other anymore.

4 punk edits of Miss Heather Morris as requested by brittfabrayrps. Feel free to use, just don’t remove my credit.


and nothing bad happened to victoria hand and she lived forever and ever amen

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Lol guys, I’ve been so busy and by busy I mean sleepy. I started overnight and I’m still adjusting to how life works when you stay up and work all night. But I did get your prompts and I love you for them~ I will do them, swears. I’m off the next two days so as long as my brain doesn’t slack. Yay prompts!


let’s start a “queer kids identifying with monsters and villains because we grew up watching queercoded bad guys in every show and movie” club

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